Friday, June 22, 2007

June Family Update = Braces!

Reid - very, very ready for his metal mouth piece to be his surgeon and with sedation! This should happen July 9th.

Mason - received his first pair of glasses and looks rather dapper wearing them. :) The dentist said he will need braces.

Franklin - the dentist said he will need braces.

Weston - the dentist said he will need braces.

Braden - won't be able to go to college because all of our money will be used up buying braces for his brothers...

That the family in brief! All is well here - crooked teeth and all! Hopefully, I'll get some pictures up soon.

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Collins Beebe said...

Hopefully Braden will get a scholarship to college....I'm thinking some sort of athletic scholarship?!?! Tell the boys not to fret the braces. I know from much experience (3rd time's a charm!!) Hope ya'll are doing well. Looking forward to seeing you next month. Love the other Beebes :)