Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Movie Night

Tonight our family watched old home movies together.  After my surprise at what I was viewing on the screen, I posted a play-by-play on Facebook because I wanted to remember the experience.

Dear Friends, this is life with five boys...

Post #1
Watching old home movies tonight with the boys.These are movies they have taken on their own and ones I had no idea existed. One bonus from tonight was seeing our homecoming with Godwin from the passenger side of the gate. Very cool. AND I have heard Braden sing a song for a Snickers bar, viewed the outside of the car window over and over again on different trips, watched Franklin throw a paper airplane off the deck, viewed the front and side view of about 400 lego creations, seen a florescent light bulb destroyed by a bb gun, watched the boys throw a rock into a lagoon, watched the boys drop a waterproof camera into the water just to see if it would work, I've witnessed what really goes on when the boys wash the car, enjoyed every angle of lego men going to battle AND I have gotten to see the insides of a dead bird. Oh, will I ever understand boys?

Post #2
Now, fifteen minutes after I posted this, I have seen about forty takes of a nerf gun war that begins in a pitch-black closet and then Franklin and Weston shoot each other. And it starts again...Franklin is down...now Weston...now Franklin...now Weston...now what? Oh boys!

Post #3
Oh, lets NOW add the video of...a huge spider, a very loud Burp Fest, Franklin balancing on Godwin's scooter on a rolling log, Franklin standing on the roof of our house and shooting the basketball into the goal on the driveway...again I had no idea these videos existed, a farting fest, a remote control car demolition derby, a video of what the view is with the camera strapped to the top of the remote control car...these were numerous different videos...Godwin working a puzzle but I never saw his face, only his hands putting the pieces in and it was zoomed in, a tornado of water going down our bathtub drain...another great shot with the water proof camera that they proved really works underwater, mouths moving to the twangs of musical instruments, and milk moustache contests!!! It gets better and better!!!

Post #4
Oh good grief! Now I am looking at the numbers on a digital clock AND seeing the amazing glow in the dark qualities of bendaroos as the light goes on..and...off...on...and...off...on...and...off... Wait...now there are dead fish on the screen... World, there are times I do exaggerate, but this is not one of them! Give a boy a video camera and he will surprise you for a lifetime!

Post #5
You know it is time for bed when you are looking only at the top of a speaker cover and hearing the song, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer!!!" Nope, no faces, just the top of the speaker with the song playing in the background... Sigh. I have laughed so much tonight, but oh my! I do not understand boys!!!!

Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.
Psalm 127:4

(Oh goodness, I am wondering about our precious "arrows???")

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Shpeake said...

Oh my goodness. I'm glad your blog is like a journal because it lets me be there with you all a little bit.