Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wall of Friends

Can you help us?  We are wanting to cover one wall in our house with reminders of those we love here.  Will you send a photo, bible verse, drawing, quote, etc... for us to hang on our wall in Ghana?  We need it soon, so send it quickly.  Here are a few of the special things that will be decorating our home in Ghana.

 Hand-colored pictures from Lanita.  One of my most precious friends downtown,  She is so talented at coloring, and she did these just for us!  So special!
 A drawing form Rachel Peterson.  She was in Ghana last March when we traveled to bring Godwin home.  She said she would draw anything for anyone in order to raise money for a mission trip she is taking.  So, we commissioned her for this piece of artwork.  Isn't it beautiful?  She drew how Ghana impacted her and the drawing of the hands was her rendition of the photo of Godwin's hand in mine.  Love it!
This collection holds clockwise: a drawing of the Wood family by my student, Sarah; a photo of a special friend who traveled to Ghana with us in 2005 and is now traveling all over the world; a picture of Chris and Neyonce from Water Angels; a Ghana collage created by Franklin; some ARTMail from the Colemans; and a special adoption announcement from Chad and Stephanie Bowling.  
And more special photos of families we love like the Raders, the Ochs, and the Stevensons!  

There are so many more, I can't share them all.  Anything is welcome and appreciated.

We want to cover one wall with things like this because we want to remember YOU!  Help us!

E-mail me for the address to send your special "something."  

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you...
Philippians 1:3

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