Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amazing 24 Hours

About 24 hours ago, I opened a package from Reilynn.  Do you know God sends the most unexpected gifts to us?  Reilynn sent an early birthday package for me with SILLY, FUN stuff.  She even included noisemakers for the boys and silly string for Reid to cover me squirt all over me!  It was such a sweet treat from God!  Thank you, Reilynn.  You, my friend whom I've spent less than 48 hours with in my entire life, have blessed me tremendously with your thoughtfulness.  Thank you!

In the past 24 hours, some incredible GOD moments have taken place.  I want to share a few, because I am blown away by His hand moving all over the place!

1.)  Here's an email conversation I had yesterday from one of my students:

Dear Mrs. Beebe,

Me and my family have been praying for a while about Braden's friend in Ghana who you told us about at TC, that he could be adopted. We just found out that my grandmother's doctor is adopting a boy named P. from Ghana. Do you know if it is the same boy? He is about nine, his new family's name is McMichael. Know it's a long shot, but it would be neat!

Praying for y'all! Love,

(Hope you don't mind the photo Caroline!)


Yes!  It is the same child.  God heard your prayer.  His picture is on our blog talking on the phone to Braden.   Yes,yes,yes P. is the child you prayed for!   Now, HE is coming home to a forever family!   Thank you for praying.  God always hears and answers!  I love your heart for these forgotten children because you remember them and pray!   Nothing is more powerful!

For Him,
Mrs. Beebe

Mrs. Beebe,
That's crazy!!! God is so cool! They must be so excited, and Braden too. Can't wait too tell Maymie about it! Isn't it awesome that God connects everybody like that?


Yes!  it is amazing how God connects everybody like that!!  WOW!  You are praying at least one little boy home!  (P. is in the middle of the photo.)

2.)  Last night, I sat on the couch talking with my friend, Janet.  Two years ago this friend of mine said, "We are not called to adopt.  We will support people who are adopting, but it's not for our family." 

However, God had other plans!  Through two separate trips to Ghana for their family, God changed their hearts.  They are in the process of adopting a little boy from Ghana.  God has changed her (and her husband's) heart so much that last night, she said this,

"I saw R's social welfare report today.  You know, before today he didn't have a past." Janet continues on through tears, "Now I have seen all that he's been through.  He's a child without parents.  He's seen their deaths.  He's left alone.  So, I don't think this is it.  Our house is big enough for more.  I said we could adopt more, and Mark just said, 'We'll see.'  But Robin, I am open to more!"

This child Janet is adopting is number FIVE for their family.  They have been blessed with four of their own the "old-fashioned" way...and she is now open to more!  Amazing!  

God's mercy and love for His children is now reflected even more in this amazing family!

This is a picture of my friend, Paige (left), and my friend, Janet (right).  Both of these families have seen GOD move on the hearts of their husbands toward adoption.  Both families are now adopting little ones!  I've witnessed GOD impact the hearts of these husbands to lead their families into the adoption journey.  Husbands who originally said, "NO WAY!"  

WOW!  More children will have forever families because these two said, "Yes, Lord."

3.)  We received a comment on our blog from a family we have never met.  They are also following the Lord's call to adopt.  These precious strangers sent a gift to World Outreach to help us!  Reid responded to them with this e-mail:

Dear R Family,

Just got your comment on our blog - thank you for your gift. These blessings (encouraging gifts from unexpected places) are the ones that fill our sails with the joy of the Spirit and gratitude to our Father. You have truly blessed us.

We pray for our Father's ongoing favor in your adoption. I know He will bless you for loving the fatherless and providing a home for them - He certainly has blessed us beyond what we could have expected. Maybe we will get to see you when you travel to Ghana! Please keep in touch.

In His Service, 

Can you believe it?  From Strangers!  What a testimony to the people of God!  Incredible!

4.)  Then I received this FB message:

According to your blog and FB I know you are leaving soon. Not sure the date. But if you find any time at all I (desperately) would love to talk with you about your adoption. Or we can correspond by email if that would be better for times sake. The process, your journey, advice, prayer for our family and our friends walking this journey. After ministering in Rwanda for the past 6 years I know that a country can change its procedures and expectations about anything in a moment. So I'm not looking for a concrete way to move forward but for someone who has pioneered a road in some way. The only thing concrete I'm standing on is Christ. I want to be aware if maybe there are different venues that you may have taken than even the road we are on toward adoption and whom we are working with. I know this request is very selfish on my part asking for you to take time and talk with me. But I'm taking a chance in doing so. Praying for you and your family in this journey. My husband and I have talked about you all and we were ready to move our family to Rwanda 2 years ago, but knew it wasn't time. But God has our hearts moving toward Africa and now the adoption. My husband just got home from Ghana Sunday from a construction trip at an orphanage in Afalo. Thank you so much and blessings today.

So, today I called this woman I've never met.  I found myself blessed connecting with a sister in Christ who has a heart for orphans and for church planting!  While I was standing in WalMart talking with her on the phone, she says, "Can I pray for you?"  Seriously!  She prayed with me on the phone!  God sends encouragement in the most unexpected ways!  The entire conversation was such a blessing!

5.)  AND WONDERFUL NEWS THIS AFTERNOON - I read this wonderful news on Caring Bridge about the little girl, Molly, that we have been praying for.  She has been in the hospital for over 3 weeks enduring two major heart surgeries and many complications, but this is the GOD news for today:

WE ARE GOING HOME TOMORROW!!!! The doctors just made rounds and said the only thing keeping Molly here is her feeds, and we were managing that fine prior to surgery so we are going home tomorrow! Today will be a busy day with training on how to give her the Lovinox injections, learning her new meds (lots of them) and getting my discharge training including how the pacemaker works. I am sooooo excited!! I'm scared too, but so happy that we have made it this far. My iPod is on right now (as always) and it is playing "Mighty to Save" by Hillsong right as I am typing this. I cant tell you how much the music on that ipod has meant to me through this. With tears in my eyes, I am singing in my heart the words to this song. If I wasn't worried about scaring the neighbors, I'd be shouting it from the top of my lungs!!!!

Amanda, I'm shouting praises with you!  I'm so thankful you are all going to be back together as a family!  

6.)  This evening, I received an email from my friend Cheryl Coleman.  She and her husband are missionaries using art as a means to share the gospel.  Their prayer efforts and art ministry have impacted hundreds of youth for Christ.  They have used art to encourage and inspire people around the world.  Cheryl led our boys to help paint a cross which now hangs downtown at Water Angels ministry to the homeless. Cheryl's ARTMail team created personalized cards which we distributed to children in Ghana last year.  And, not only did Cheryl greatly encourage Franklin in his art, but she also gave Franklin the vision to paint a verse on the side of a building in a depressed area of downtown Knoxville.  Our family has been a part of Sun Loft ministry for several years and the Coleman family lives out their walk with Jesus!  This past weekend they participated in an art exhibit sharing with over 100 students the reality that, because of Christ, they CAN change the world.

Here are some of the reflections and questions, Cheryl and David posed to the youth (complete with pictures from our time with them from years ago.).  How would you answer these questions?

Rescued By Our Good Shepherd
Do you believe you can change the world? First, I must ask you– Have you been rescued? Do you have a Savior?

God’s Redeeming Love 
Do you believe in love? To change the world, you need to have the power to proclaim salvation in Jesus’ name—to receive the love of Christ.
Believing in Jesus name
 Do you believe in God’s Word and the power of prayer? To change the world, you need to be rightly connected to the heart of God.

Love Your Family
To change the world, you must love your family.

Serve Your Community
  To change the world, you must learn how to serve Christ in your community

In Christ Alone
To change the world, you must live for an audience of one.

Great Commission
Do you believe you can change the world? Do you really believe you can change the world? Do you?

So are you ready to be an agents of change in this world?

You can change the world by putting your faith in Christ alone. 
Trust Jesus as your Savior and walk in faith today!
Our truth for life verse today— 
“We live by faith, not by sight.” 2 Cor. 5:7

We are all called to be world changers.  There are so many ways to impact this world with Truth.  We can encourage.  We can send a birthday surprise to someone.  We can care for orphans through prayer.  We can fight for them in the spiritual realm.  We can adopt a child - changing one life forever.  We can sit at the bedside of a sick child providing comfort through our presence.  Through the Internet, we can contact people we don't even know and encourage them.  (Tonight I am a huge fan of technology.)  We can pray for others - even if they are standing in WalMart.  We can use art, or any other personal giftings from the Lord, to spread the HOPE and LOVE of Jesus to a lost and dying world.  We can live "on mission" to share the hope of Jesus with everyone.

From young kids to adults, everyone I wrote about above is a world changer.  Will you be one too?

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
    be acceptable in your sight,
    Lord, my rock and my redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

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