Saturday, November 19, 2011

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them...

It amazes me how children have hearts to give...and give...and give...

Reid and I have had the opportunity to share God's story through several different avenues lately.  While we are working to raise support, our ultimate goal is to share what God is doing in His world and how His people can join to be part of His Work.

Over the past three days the children have impacted me as they have parted with their own funds to help support God's work to the people of Ghana.  The generosity of children blessing our family began on Thursday while I was teaching at co-op.

Aaron Millard, a child in one of my classes, approached me after class and handed me $10.  He said, "This is to help your family."  Sarah Wood followed him handing me another $10 stating she wanted to give it to help us.  Both are in sixth grade.  Both gave their own money.

A high schooler from my classes last year, Hope Sprenz, approached me at the end of the day giving me a wad of bills.  She said, "I know it's not much, but I want to give this to you to help your family go to Ghana."

One of my students, Jackson Rader, sixth grade, is making handmade clay necklaces and selling them.  He is giving our family the profits from every sale.  On Thursday, he shared $2 from his first sale!

Three sisters, Bekah, Abby, and Maddie Ochs, held a yard sale this past weekend for our family.  They brought a ziploc bag full of change and bills totaling $228 for our mission.  The three of them interrupted  one of my classes to hand it to me.  I had no idea they were doing this for us.  How overwhelming to see children I love give their time, energy, and effort to raise money for us!

God's touch on children continued last night.  Azi Tegelaar, age five, gave me a handful of change from her piggy bank while we were at her house.  Not even having full comprehension of the difference between a quarter and a nickel, she gave us $1.12 of her own money.  "This is to help you move to Ghana,"  she said.

Finally, at the end of our evening last night, the tears came.

Some precious friends hosted a dessert for us.  We were given the opportunity to share God's story to five families who chose to give up their Friday night to hear what the Lord is doing around the world.  Surprisingly, when it was time for us to start our presentation, all of the children gathered around us to listen.  None of them chose to play.  Instead, they engaged with us intently.  After we shared, everyone gathered around us to pray.  I prayed for the hearts of the children surrounding us.  I prayed for the Lord to plant His seeds in their hearts!

At the end of the prayer, Lauren Gebbie, age 12, came to me weeping.  Tears rolling down her cheeks and quiet sobs echoing from her chest.  She handed me a $20 bill.  Her heart was broken for the one million fatherless children in Ghana.  Her emotions poured forth for the 2.3  million people in Ghana who have not heard the name of Christ.  They have no hope, and Lauren Gebbie comprehends this, and her heart responds.  Oh, it is beautiful!

As she cried, I held her and whispered over her, "You are part of God's work, Lauren.  You are a piece of what He is doing.  Thank you.  You are impacting the world for Jesus."

These children long to see God's work done here one earth.  They gave from what they had.  They parted with money which could have been spent on things for themselves.  Isn't that inspiring?

I wonder if these gifts are similar to the woman's two coins in the Bible.  She gave all she had, but the amount seemed so small.  Children giving from their own resources in order to join in what God is doing resembles the woman's heart as she dropped the two coins as an offering.  The amounts may seem so insignificant, but I believe these are precious gifts before God.  He smiles at the generosity of children.  They do not "hold on" to money, but are willing to part with it for something greater than their own pleasures.

Thank you all for giving for something greater.  Thank you for sharing what you have to make a difference in the lives of children who have nothing.  Thank you for wanting the hope of Jesus to spread forth to the ends of the earth.  Thank you for being an example of what it looks like to be a "generous giver."  Thank you for hearts yielded to His heart.  Children, you have blessed us beyond measure.  We have seen Christ in you.  Thank you.

"And a little child shall lead them..."
Isaiah 11:6

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The Hamstras said...

I stumbled across your blog today and am loving reading your posts. My husband and I just got word on Thursday that we have been matched with our son in Ethiopia. We're working on fundraising and trusting God to provide. Lots of people think we're crazy but God has led us and He will provide. Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging us!