Sunday, October 23, 2011

Which Way Do I Go?

 I love watching Godwin experience the newness of everyday life.  Riding a little tractor, petting a goat, seeing the brightly colored fall leaves, watching the leaves fall and crying out, "Look Mommy!"  He is experiencing so many things for the first time.  I've realized how often I "miss" the beauty in everyday life.  I'm so thankful he is, once again, pointing it out.

 Recently, my mom took our family to a Corn Maze.  All of my sisters' children were with us, so they skirted off ahead of us quite sure they could navigate the maze on their own.  My mom, Reid, Godwin and myself were left to our own leading in order to find the way out.
 Reid held the camera and snapped shots while we were on the path.  As we meandered into the puzzle, we grew farther from the entrance and the exit.

Every time we came to an intersection, we would ask Godwin, "Which way should we go?"  His tiny finger would point left, right, or straight, "Dat way," he would advise.  In fun, we would follow his suggestions.
Once, I could no longer grasp my bearings, I recalled how my sister, Kelly, told me she becomes claustrophobic inside of Corn Mazes.   We were walking deeper and deeper into confusion.

We continued to allow Godwin, our three year old, to lead us through the maze.  "Dat way."  "Dat way."
 We continued walking in directions against our better judgement.   It was fun to let Godwin make the decisions about which way to go.  What harm could come from it?
 After we were far past any clear path, we came to yet another intersection.  "Which way should we go, Godwin?"  "Dat way," he responded pointing left.

Reid quickly stepped in.  "No Godwin, we are going to go this way," turning right.  Godwin no longer held the reigns to lead us, Reid was now showing us the way out.  "Come on, this way," Reid beckoned. Godwin, Mom and I followed.  Reid traipsed on ahead of us.  He was out of sight for a bit, but we could still hear his voice.  "Keep coming. This way."  Knowing Reid's voice, we continued on toward him.

Within a few moments, we were out of the maze.  Thank goodness he led us on the right path.  Reid had led us out of confusion into safety.
I looked back at the maze.  Corn everywhere.  It was difficult to see the correct path, even from the outside.

We spent the majority of our time trusting a three year old to lead us.  How could he know which way is on the right path?  Yet, we allowed him to be our guide.

"Which way do I go?"

"Dat way," respond the voices of the world.

I wonder how many of us navigate life trusting the wisdom of others with the spiritual maturity of a three year old?  We allow advice to flow to us from people who are not grounded in God's word.  They tell us, "Go this way."

Finally, in the midst of chaos, once we are deep into a mess, the voice of the Father breaks in.  He whispers to us, "My child, you are on the wrong path.  You are headed no where.  Come this way.  Follow this path toward me, and I will lead you.  You simply need to follow.  Child, come.  Follow Me."

Who is leading you today?  What are you following?  What path are you on and where is it leading?  

God is beckoning you.  He is whispering wisdom to you.  Listen for His voice to lead you.  

Child, come.  Follow Me.

"The sheep hear His voice, and He calls His sheep own by name and leads them out.  When he has brought out all his own, He goes before them, and the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice."  
John 10:3b-4

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