Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Traditional Easter Pictures

Now most of our family photos in the house look incomplete because most of them were taken before Godwin was with us.  We are trying to fill the frames with photos of our complete family now!  Here are a few taken on Sunday!  Oh, we praise God for His goodness to us!
By the way, our friends, the O'Learys with Feeding the Orphans, challenged us to wear adoption shirts on Easter.  Why spend the money on new clothes when that money could be used to help orphans?  Isn't the day of Jesus' resurrection about his adoption of us anyway?  Oh, we loved the simplicity of it.  It is so true!  We donned our t-shirts along with many families in our church.  Love it!  

Our complete family - including Mathiang! 

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Kendra said...

Love the pictures of your COMPLETE family. :0) God is HUGE and GOOD!!

Marc Robertson said...

Dear Robin and Reid:
You have not been forgotten! I am still here at Christ Church -- in my 20th year! Steve Evans has retired and Layne Hansen is my assistant. We are truckin' along.
I hope this gets to you. I didn't have any other means of reaching you.
Love and blessings to you and your amazing family!
Marc Robertson