Thursday, April 28, 2011

Destroying the Deck

For those of you who know Omar, you know he's a big boy.  Actually, for a 13 year old, he's a HUGE boy.  Omar spends many weekends with us, and a last weekend he stayed here.  On Saturday afternoon, he was walking down our back steps and...went through one...  After going through the one rotten board, he toppled down taking out four more steps!  It was frightening, but he was fine.  Thankfully!

Within two days, Reid had taken off the steps.  Nearly all were rotten.  With a three year old now, it's a bit dangerous to have a deck without steps attached.  Soooo....when Reid examined the deck in its entirety he realized that it wouldn't be long before the entire thing came crashing down.   Much of it was dilapidated. 

Reid came up with a plan to build a new deck and gave the boys a very fun job - taking down the back deck!  Every boy in our neighborhood has come to help with the job!

The boys have a plan for a fantastic fort in the woods to be constructed out of the wooden boards.  Airsoft games are around the corner this summer for sure!  Even Godwin Derrick helped - whenever he wasn't being carried by one of his brothers!   

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