Sunday, February 10, 2013

Skip One Lunch - Give One Month

Last week, I was touched by something some of the boys shared last week when they came home from school.  Three of our boys battled malaria and did not attend school.  However, Mason and Weston remained well and were able to be in class.    

On Wednesdays, various teachers lead the weekly chapel service for the students.  Godwin's teacher, Miss Victoria, shared with the class about God's instruction for us to give without expecting anything in return as we love our neighbor as ourself.  Her example of seeing this lived out came from an adorable four year old in her class, Godwin.  (Yes, this little boy happens to be our son.)

Miss Victoria shared that Godwin always shares his snack with the other students who don't have anything.  When he opens his pack of biscuits (crackers), he gives all but one away making sure everyone who needs one receives.  He never expects anything in return but simply shares what he has with others who are without.

Godwin's teacher is touched by his willingness to give every day.  While he could choose to eat the entire pack of four biscuits, he only nibbles on one.

When the boys came home and shared this with me, I was so proud of Godwin.  In my heart, I know one reason he is so quick to share food is because he remembers the feeling of "going without."  There were many days in his orphanage when food was scarce.  As his mother, I was so proud of his generosity without any suggestion from our family.  He simply does it as God leads his heart.  

I was deeply touched because I know many of these children most likely only eat the one meal per day at school.  Feeding the Orphans provides assistance for these children to receive one hot meal everyday.  through FTO, 134 children are provided a hot, nutritious lunch each day.  One extra 2 inch x 1 inch biscuit-snack from Godwin is a bonus.  

This morning, we were gathering things for school.  As I handed Godwin his pack of biscuits, he looked up at me and asked, "Mom, can I have another one?  I want to take some for people who don't have a snack."

Godwin returned to sliding his shoes on while I pondered his request.

"Yes, Godwin, of course.  Thank you for always sharing with your friends."

I handed him three extra packs of biscuits, and helped him zip them in the pouch of his backpack.  As we walked toward the car, I thought of Jesus's words, 

"It is better to give than to receive."

Even our four year old gets it.

Right now, FTO needs to raise the support for lunches at the school, Faith Roots International Academy.   This is the school where our boys attend.  Children are given an academic education but, more importantly, they are taught the truths of scripture.  Some children in the school have been rescued from the horror of child slavery and some walk to school daily from the village.  Faith Roots International Academy strives to fill the classrooms with love, grace, and life enrichment through Christ.  

Faith Roots offers a program of study that centers on English acquisition for all students and encourages every child to reach full potential by focusing heavily on the building blocks of education, instilling a commitment to lifelong learning, providing a program of support for those that need it, and teaching Biblical principles that will guide the child throughout their life. In everything, the Bible sets the standard, so students will be able to interpret life according to God’s values and purposes.

After hearing the story of Godwin, I wondered if there might be people out there who would be willing to "share a lunch."    Would you consider skipping a lunch to share a lunch?  Or, instead of going out to eat midday, what if you brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich then used the $10 you would have spent on your own meal to buy lunches for children here.  No, I'm not trying to "guilt" anyone into giving, but if a four year old little boy can sacrifice a little, can't we do it too?

A gift as small at $10 would provide a hot, nutritious lunch for a child for one month!  So, if you skip one day eating out, you could feed a child for 20 school days!  That's a great return on your money, don't you think?  

If you are interested in helping to provide school lunches for Faith Roots Academy, please contact Feeding the Orphans.  Children here are grateful for your help.

"In all this I have given you an example that by such work we must support the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, for he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"
Acts 20:35


Annie said...

This post is so beautiful! So thoughtful, Godwin. I love to hear when kids have natural compassion. Each child is different, depending on their personality or experience. Some have a natural instinct to think of others, some need to see it in action, some need to be encouraged to help. I would love that all would learn this trait! Even at my kids' school right here in FL, we have a very high percentage of children whose only meal is the one "free lunch" they receive at school. So many hungry kids and families. My kids are now seeing this situation first hand with their friends, and I pray that we all act as Godwin does. Without hesitation.

Caroline Bustamante said...

So sorry the boys are sick! Will pray for them. How do we give through FTO? Like, is there a certain message we need to send with the ten dollars to make sure it goes to the school?