Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Crazy but Wonderful Day

This blog is kind of like a journal for me.  I find this to be my place to "record" moments.  Although I posted this on Facebook, I wanted to remember this day forever.  If you didn't catch the post on FB, here is my crazy but wonderful day in a nutshell.

Many more Ghana moments today after waking up to a home without water. (We are catching rain water off the roof as I type this! Yes, God provided!) I just arrived home after nearly 7 hours in the car driving a total of 72 miles. No joke
! I had to drive to two different outdoor markets today for items I could find anywhere in the states. Anyway, I "nicked" two vehicles today as I wove our 4x4 through the taxi and one semi! (So sorry Honey! Rebekah will tell you it wasn't my fault!) Because there wasn't any real damage to the other cars - and because I am a white woman - I kept going. I played real-life bumper cars today...with only a few bumps! THEN, I sat in traffic for more than 2 hours on the motorway witnessing a flatbed truck roll backwards into a semi! By this time I was a bit panicked because the boys had already been released from school and I could not reach Reid on the phone to pick them up. What could I do? After sitting still for such a long time beside a trotro crammed with 30+ hot, sweaty people sitting on top of each other, I decided to do a "random act of kindness" and purchase biscuits for all of them from the nearby hawker! What a way to spread Christmas cheer! Not only were the trotro riders happy, but the hawker who delivered them came to my window twice to thank me! $5 goes such a long way here for simple blessings! THEN I navigated through several enormous ditches full of muddy rain water listening to it lap the bottom of my door trying to make my way to get the boys. THEN the guy at the toll booth that I drive through everyday allowed me to pass for free because he was spreading Christmas cheer too! What a blessing! THEN I drove through the cows (in the picture) on the road to the school to finally retrieve the boys - over two hours late! (Thank you Stacy Omorefe and Autumn Buzzellfor taking care of them.) THEN my boys climbed in the car and I was so thankful God has given me such sweet blessings in our sons. THEN I turned on the four wheel drive to make it back to the main road picking up Gabriel on the way so he would not be walking in the rain and mud. THEN I said to myself, "Today is a day where it's been obvious I'm living in Ghana...and I wouldn't have it any other way! NOW I am finally home with my family listening to the rain and thankful it is filling the buckets so we will have water to bathe with. I'm reminded of all of the simple blessings God pours out on my life. What a great God we serve! Lord, thank you for a crazy but wonderful day!

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