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This post was written by our 15 year old.  It was unprompted by Mom and Dad.  In fact, Mason did not even want it read it until he posted it.  Friends, our entire family is wrestling through things we have never faced before as we experience the poverty here firsthand.  I find our oldest son does not mince words in his direct manner of communicating his passion.  Reid and I are amazed how the Lord is penetrating the hearts of our boys and using them to speak into our own lives.

Guest Blogger: Mason Beebe   Age: 15

     Warning: This will not be an easy to read blog post. The purpose of me writing this post is to call up Christian's to do their job for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In doing this, I will write some things that may be offensive, but they are things that I feel need to be brought to light. If you have been upset over any other posts on this blog, it is quite possible that you will break your computer after reading the first several paragraphs.  Continue at your own discretion.

     America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. The place where life is easy. A haven where people can be shielded from the reality of the harsh conditions that the rest of the world calls life. Probably the closest to a utopia the world will ever know.

     In my geography lesson yesterday, I found some extremely harsh statistics. I know you probably see or hear of statistics similar to these often, but I will say that they take on a whole new meaning when you are looking into the eyes of poor side these statistics daily.  The richest 20% of the world lives on 80% of the total world income. The poorest 20% of the world lives on 1% of the total world income. Let me put this into other words. If your family makes over $10,000 a year, you are 80 times richer than another family in a third-world country.

     Living in Ghana has given me a whole new perspective of America. America is one of the top ten richest countries in the world, but, in my opinion, many Americans horde their riches for themselves and are not willing to use them to help the impoverished world around them. Now notice that I did say many - not all. There are some Americans who are very generous and want to help the broken and needy. What we are doing here would be impossible without those people. All the ministry that has been done here is a gift from God given by people who felt led to give.

     What has really made me sad and, quite honestly, made me angry is the mindset of American Christians. We have heard several times while we have been here, "Well, I believe God blessed the U.S. so I think God wants us to enjoy those blessings." But, what if, using the blessings God gives us to bless others is the blessing we are to enjoy?  If anyone knows our motto, and the verse it comes from, then it should be clear this is what I believe.  The Lord has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:1-2).

While life in America for me was so simple and easy, life here is so much more fulfilling. The Lord has blessed me to see joy in orphans' faces. The Lord has blessed me to see souls won for His Kingdom. The Lord has blessed me to see once hungry and uneducated children, now well-fed and in school. These are the blessings that God has for us.

     It is so hard for me to be in Ghana seeing a new need everyday knowing that there are Christians in America spending money like it grows on trees. And the needs that I see are life and death needs, i.e orphanages without food, people without water, people sleeping on the side of the road, deadly health problems, etc. These needs are so much physically greater here than in America. There are no welfare checks, food ministries, homeless shelters, healthcare, and very few places where you can get water for free. It makes me mad that people are spending money just because they can when people are struggling to survive because they have no food.

     The Lord called us to go and make disciples of all nations, but nobody will listen to you preach if they are starving. I know you cannot understand or see the things the way I do because you are not faced with these situations daily. I know that not everyone is called to pack their bags and move to a foreign country, but ministry takes sacrifice. You may be the person who supports a missionary, or giving to an organization reaching lost souls and meeting the physical needs of people.  People who give significantly impact lives here. Simply put, ministry takes money, lots of money, and that is one huge way you can help. I promise you that if you are doing what God wants you to do, your life will be so much more fulfilling than if you chase after the dust and ashes of the wealth of this world.

     I know this is probably hard for many people to hear, but it needs to be heard. Life is our one chance. When we die that is it - game over. What would you rather bring before the throne of the Lord when you are judged; tickets to a concert, amusement park, or sporting event? Lots of extra savings? A long retirement? Lots of vacations? Or souls that you helped win for his kingdom? A life full of sacrifices made out of love for your King? People's smiling faces because you took the time to love them? Personally, I would rather live the latter choices.

Every night, I know that I am one day closer to my death. I don't want to waste my life. Every day has to count.

     Now this whole post may seem like I am bashing America, which in a way I am.  Please know, I love my country.  What I really wanted the point to be is that I am trying to help my brothers and sisters in America realize the dire need in the rest of the world. Like I said earlier, it doesn't have to be putting on your traveling shoes and moving to another country. Money is essential to advancing Christ's kingdom.  Many, many of you are already helping through your giving!  Thank you!  I am trying to call my other brothers and sisters to action.  Everyone could play a small part, and I'm thankful for the many who do.

I know people may choose to ignore this because it is easier to live in ease and riches without remembering the rest of the world. But others will read this and take action and live a fulfilling life, knowing that they have obeyed the wishes of their King to care for the least of these.

Which would you rather do?

Behold, you have made my days a few handbreadths, and my lifetime is as nothing before you. Surely all mankind stands as a mere breath! 
Psalm 39:5

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given us.  J.R.R. Tolkien

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Shpeake said...

Well said Mason!
I didn't break my computer but I hope you broke some brains! Or perceptions... I can't agree more, not that it should matter to you in any other way than that we both agree on truth.

In Acts the believers had no needy person among them because no one in the church considered their possessions their own, but sold or gave as needs dictated.

Before I came to Ghana I heard America metaphorically compared to a nation that built its walls so high it could no longer see it's neighbors; then began to believe things only mattered inside the walls or forget about those outside. That's more accurate to me than ever since being back.