Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Packing Wish List

Several of my students at Thursday Connection asked how they could help us. We've been blessed by students bringing in some of the items we need.  A friend then said, "Well, I want to help too!"

So, here it is.  A Wish List.  We will not have easy access to these things or if we do, we will pay a huge amount for them.  If you would like to help provide anything on the list, we would be very grateful!!  Anything helps!!

Ink Cartridges for HP Office Jet Pro 8600
Transformers (110 v to 220 v)
Batteries - all sizes needed 
Multi-Vitamins for our family for at least one year (Adults and Kids)
Probiotics for our entire family for at least one year (Adults and Kids)
3 Lightweight Twin sized blankets
DVD Movies (Missionaries have told us these will be a treasure when we are
craving a taste of America.)
Sharp Knives
Bibles to give away
Gift Cards - SAMS, Walmart, Target, I-Tunes
Headlamps and Flashlights
Cool-Dri Shirts and Shorts for Boys (Childs 1- 5t, 1 - XL, Mens 1-Sm, 2-Med, 1-Lg)
Pull Ups - Size 3t-4t
Small items we may give as gifts for hospitality
Chocolate Chips (Can't get these either)
Large Containers of Spices (Need them to make anything tasting familiar!)
Gluten Free Mixes (Not there! Two in our family must eat gluten free!)
Peanut Butter (Yes, seriously!)
Gum (a real treat!)
Coffee (Please!)
Baseball Equipment (the boys want to teach the kids!)
Soccer balls!  Basketballs! Footballs!  Frisbees!
Thumbdrives for computer
Wii games 
Board Games  (Who Gnu?,  Quelf, Loaded Questions) 
Paperback storybooks to read at orphanages - especially Christian!
Surprise packages for the family to open when we are homesick or
needing encouragement (an idea from another missionary!)

MOST IMPORTANT - Picture of YOUR family or a personal drawing for a "Wall of
Friends" in our house!   Anything that would remind us of YOU or make our house feel like a home. 

Please know that many of these things are "wants" not "needs."  If we don't receive them, we will do without.  Some of the things above will simply serve as a reminder of what is familiar to us.  We will need that.  As a mom, my desire is to have a few treats for our boys once we are there.  If there is anything you can think of that we would need that we might not have thought of, we would be grateful for the input.  

Finally, please pray for our hearts.  Goodbyes are beginning.  Last visits are starting to take place.  Tomorrow, I say goodbye to children that I have taught for years.  This weekend, we say goodbye to Reid's family - his sister, brother, Dad, grandfather and the rest of his side of the family.  And, it's hard.  Very, very hard.  Please pray for our emotional stamina to remain rooted in the Lord.  May we not be shaken as we grieve leaving everything familiar.  May we love well as we begin to say goodbye to family and relationships formed over years together.   Please pray for each one of us - we are all beginning to deeply feel grief.  

May we be as Jesus, a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief, yet, willingly going to complete the work God had planned.  May we do the "goodbyes" through the strength in Christ alone.  

I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do.
John 17:4

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