Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Visiting with the Wolffis Family

It's hard to believe that last October I took this family photograph in front of Todd and Ansley's new house. It was such a precious picture of their family. Everyone was happy and joyful that day - acting silly and having fun!
Todd came to Knoxville several weeks ago and I took another family picture. This one only has three people. Ansley is gone from the family pictures...forever. Actually, when I saw this picture for the first time I was a little overwhelmed with grief. It saddened me to once again face the permanence of her death.
Reid and I shared a special time with Todd on Friday night. Reminiscing about Ansley and sharing memories, talking about where we each were with our grief, and praying over Todd for the days ahead. It was a time to be thankful for her life and our continued relationship with Todd, Colby and Graylyn.
Even with our sadness over the loss of Ansley, we enjoyed a wonderful laughter filled visit!
Of course, the boys shot the BB Guns together! We headed to the football field and watched the boys practice football. "Colby and Colby" hung out together. Then we came home and watched a Magic Show performed by the children. Lots of fun and laughter!

The first of many visits together!Colby was all smiles!

Colby and Colby
Beautiful Graylyn - a little bored at football practice, but smiling anyway!
Braden and Graylyn enjoying the "best smoothie in the world" b/c Graylyn helped make it!
A picture of the Todd I hope to see more of in the future - laughing and joyous! Happy!
Forever Friends!

The Band Of Brothers - Forever!


Anonymous said...

I miss her too.

TedTracie said...

Wow.. from the pictures I've seen of Ansley, her son looks just like her!